Jurassic Farm

Jurassic Farm

Are you also impressed when you see the statue as a mere dinosaur? Then here I have for you a wonderful plaything, where we treat the dinosaurs from the egg to maturity and then released into the wild. Expand your park with new additions and decorations.
As it goes in nature, dinosaurs were born from eggs. Similarly, this will be here. In the grass you see spotted eggs, from which emerges in a moment a small creature. About the need to take care of. Not only that, you'll need to feed a great deal of grain, grass or vegetables, but you must also treat the pills. Watch carefully because the two lines, blue and red to to your wards isn't missing anything.

Dinosaurs are each different rate of evolution. Let them grow into adulthood and see their needs. Some of them in your park like a lot and not yet ready to abandon it. You will notice this bubble, which will speak to you. Others said they bemoan the fact that they do not know what it is out, and would like to go there. Do not hinder them and release them. If you spot the right time, earn a decent pot of money.

Because the decoration is very expensive, it is good to start with the earliest dinosaurs of the cheapest. Since the first level you will pet only herbivores, watch out for predators and when you see them immediately throw from the park. You don't be bored and get an idea of how such park may look like, invite your friends into the game. Just be careful when you invite, you can not select the whole list of names from an email. Hard to tell how it looked on your boss:).

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Jurassic Farm Jurassic Farm Jurassic Farm Jurassic Farm

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