Jurassic Island

Jurassic Island

In facebook games you already had opportunity to own simply everything from nightclub to a coral reef. Today you can manage your own zoo garden. The game may catch your attention by cool graphics, funny presentation and...
I can continue forever, because this is simply nice catch. Your park evolves and you can buy upgrades at the shop. It is has well supply of various items and you can purchase even buildings. Animals can breed and have small babies. It is important how much money can you do in a day. This money can be later used to shop. The animals must be fed regularly. As is common in this type of games there are two currencies, regular gold and precious blue gems. You can obtain legendary items for the gems. What has a dinosaur similar with ancient Greece?

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Jurassic Island Jurassic Island Jurassic Island Jurassic Island Jurassic Island

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