Lovely Farm

Lovely Farm

Finally you get an opportunity to build a large ranch with fancy buildings, flowerbeds and lawn, plus various creatures and decorations suited to your taste. Take on a role of farmers, who stand against a hard goal to build a functioning mechanism from nothing.
You start with almost nothing. There is a small wooden shed and few seedlings. first goal is to weed out the bed and nurture seedlings until ready to be reaped. For harvested fruits you get money.
Make new beds everywhere possible and let your avatar work. It is quite fun to watch its quirky animation.
Go to shop and buy new seeds. Not everything is available from a start. Continually enhance your farming business to gather wealth.
There are also fruit trees, slightly more expensive, however advanced, because it bears fruit all the time. When you amass enough money upgrade buildings and buy animals and decorations. The graphics is very nice and it fun to watch as the farm grows.

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Lovely Farm Lovely Farm Lovely Farm Lovely Farm Lovely Farm

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