Mall Wall

Mall Wall

If you love shopping and cruising trough business centers criss-cross all day long, the Wall Mall is the perfect game for you. You just choose the right avatar and dive into shopping spree. Spend as furious for the most luxurious clothes, jewelry and lingerie. Soak up the atmosphere of shopping and enjoy the delightful moments of carefree revelry.
First create your own character, which perhaps will be your true copy. We can choose the skin color, lips and eye position. At the time being slip into basic clothing, because you don't have any cash at your disposal yet. Don't worry, you might remain in the original clothes and hair-style. Once you meet some challenges, you'll earn beautiful jewelry and clothing.

Then, stand at a counter and try to beautify loyal customers, that keep coming in crowds. We will adjust their hair-style, eye position, full lips, which we will fill with the collagen. Just add glittery jewelry and high heels.

To quickly achieve a higher level, we should hurry and serve maximum possible number of eager customers. If you begin to get bored after a while, simply head straight into the changing cubicles, where you may take care of other young girls, who yearn for beautification.

But you can not just mess around and delay procedures, since the customers are quite impatient and it would affect not only earned sum of money, but also the experience level gained.

If you practice your work skillfully and quickly, you can soon buy a lot of beautiful things, change your hair style and proportions.

The game is full of nice graphics with lots of details, with many colorful clothing and other accessories.

Come and enjoy the shopping centers without a single penny in your pocket and spend with a real pleasure for virtual money.

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Mall Wall Mall Wall Mall Wall Mall Wall

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