This game surely makes happy all the fans of observing various test tubes under a microscope. Mebas gives you chance to create your own cell, improve, mutate and just play with it.
Ooh, where are the moments when you respectfully watched the drama through a microscope and thinking what’s happening in that small world. So why not trying to play as a small god.

All being with a few cells, pieces of food and one laboratory. You don’t follow and task or goal but you only try to create the best surviving and self-sufficient cell. The work is about improving the “aquarium” and using several add-ons for you small living creatures to turn them into Rambo. Extend their life, need of food, defense, etc.

But in that exact moment you face one unpleasant thing. Big part of the content, cell things, items, etc. are only for real money. The limitation isn’t so huge but it’s something around 60 % that is “commercial”.

What is really interesting is the game’s multiplayer. It may be even better than the singleplayer game. In the multiplayer, you look after your cell lives. You feed them, mutate and send to battle your opponent. This is really nice variegation but not so many players can be found in this section.

The whole visual is simply nice. The graphics wasn’t probably done by a big group of people but the result makes your eyes pleased. The audio turns to be very relaxing. Nothing pushes you and through the game you can just sit, rest and listen to it.

The Facebook game Mebas is surely one big original creation. It was so interesting for to play in the beginning and it looked like that the score will be very high. But thanks the limited free content I had to change my plans. If the game is played by more players it becomes more dynamic especially in the multiplayer.

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Mebas Mebas Mebas Mebas

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