Welcome to millionaire metropolis, where it abounds shiny shop window. Luxury cars and hundred floor skyscrapers. Get into work and reform the barren wasteland into a thriving and prosperous city. In your hard work will help the playing field, where they gradually move to better and better upgrades. Everything depends on luck, whether you just fit the desired number.
Monopoly Millionaires is somewhat unusual and very imaginatively conceived game where you try to enhance the newly founded city. But here do not build every building by moving sub-objects, but you need to work out with the playing surface, where you gradually move across the individual plots of land in the form of small cars.

First, you need to buy a couple of the main buildings, which later want to improve gradually. Then you no longer any face any obstacle in order to start the game of luck. Roll the dice and wait patiently for the verdict of chance. When the dice stopped on a particular issue, start your adrenaline ride on the board. Each unit represents a reward, except for the infamous box labeled Jail, which will throw you mercilessly for three minutes in prison. But at least for the time you may stretch stiff body or be refreshed:)

If you manage to throw the dice the same number twice, the game will reward you with one extra attempt. While stopped at a box will appear four cards that hide a special, which you need for the upgrade of buildings. Of course it is better to mention only three benefits as the fourth of them does absolutely nothing.

To get the image that you need to improve the proprieties of constructions, refer to the lower right corner, where they are shown all of your buildings. Each one is accompanied by a legend, how many cards you needed to get to the next upgrade.

Have you always been impatient creature? If you can not wait for the appearance of new buildings, we will simply purchase upgrade for gold bricks. But beware, once they are exhausted they just simply will not come, even you'll have to provide for real money.

Bring to a sprawling city friends to help with construction. Not only because they get a few extra rolls of the dice, but also earn the necessary experience and get to a higher level more quickly.

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