Become omniscient farmer who really controls his beautiful craft. But this time do not grow plants and other crops in the form of a human, but you transform into the lovable alien. Also, crops are a little unusual, since we do not grow rice, corn and wheat, but the soda lemonade, pink hearts and sweet striped bars. Enter the magical world full of unique plants and creatures, and certainly you will not be disappointed.
At the beginning of the game we may have to choose one of several strange creatures with one or three eyes and horns. Once you choose the right one, boldly walk out to our farm site.

We must realize that the creature knows almost nothing about the natural laws, so it needs all still to learn.

We do not have any fear that we are unfamiliar around plots of land on the brown, as with us comes available a very helpful hint that we have always at hand.

So first learn how to dig the appropriate box. Simply click on the button showing the brown area and drag its outline defined anywhere on the lawn designated by fence. Creature goes in that direction immediately and begins to dig.

Then we choose the basic crop by planting the right. Now we are left only to wait until the plant grows to full size. Length of growth is different for each crop. The more rare and expensive plant you wish to cultivate, the longer the time needed to reach full strength.

If we manage our garden well, soon we will see not only great financial rewards, but also quickly achieve a higher level, where we may purchase new crops.

Cultivated plants can sell at Robert the robot, who will visit from time to time on our farm. Access to the market we are initially rejected, but at the fifth level, we may finally join the general bargaining, buying and selling products produced.

Monster World is full of very nice graphic work with lots of nice details. You will love the game and look forward to growing the new atypical plants.

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