Music Pets

Music Pets

How can you join listening to popular music and cute animal running around? That's the question I posed to myself at the beginning of play-testing this game. After several days play-trough, I can say this game is like a crossover between your MP3 player and a game the Pet Society. Sounds good?
Your little pet needs food, but also live music in particular, to be happy. So let's play into his little ear Iron Maiden, The Killers, or even Cold-play.

At the beginning you choose basic animal that needs love, food, lots of expensive things, and especially music. Your ward must have some musical taste, so select artists, who will become his favorite, and it will eventually collect their discography. Then we already find ourselves in the (yet empty) abode and it is up to you where you put energy.

And I mean literally, because if you want to collect songs, favorite bands, you'll spend a lot of energy points. The main focus is, either on collecting music in a small simple mini-game, where you will also get a coin, and really just little bit of energy. Once you reach for the chest, appears your treasure in the form of song. You may refuse it, or run away and seek more. The chest also offers other musicians, than you have chosen at the beginning, so this part is always a bit of a surprise.

For collected songs you get prizes and for prizes you get the experience, that moves you in the level ladder and unlocks new things. You can buy these accessories for earned money and enhance your little abode.

An important feature is a turntable, music player and other musical instruments. Music does not play at will, but for each day you are assigned a certain amount of songs, and these items will add more tracks. Most other objects are mainly of aesthetic significance.

It is a good idea to save songs, because if this game plays a friend of yours, you can pay him a visit and play your favorite songs, which means some experience will be added to your account.

The second component is the training in the form of a mini-game, where you get hearts for your favorite band. I admit that I do not know what good is it and when you reach at a maximum number of hearts nothing happens. The only reason why to perform this, is the money you get for the points.

The last thing worth mentioning is the mood of your pet. If droopy, don't expect any activity from him, otherwise you can go looking for music, playing mini-games, etc. The indicators complement both listening to music and also visiting your friends.

Overall, a fairly interesting and original piece. But from my perspective only weakness being the music, or a selection of bands. Certainly there are not all, but frankly it might be expected, when we imagine the number of bands present and recent past. I am also sorry that later musicians can not be changed apart from the original choice, so choose wisely at beginning. By design and game mechanics this game is definitely worth a try.

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Music Pets Music Pets Music Pets Music Pets Music Pets

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