My Fishbowl

My Fishbowl

Again, here we have a simulator with marine fishes aquarium . Build your own decorations and arrange it the way you imagined that the aquarium has the correct look. Purchase decorations, fishes, and participate in mini-games for which the income will flow gold coins.
Trifle welcomes you early on with a very nice tutorial, with a central figure of the Crab. He will explain in English what you do and how you deal with money earned. You will see that your income will flow with shellfish shells, which occasionally can be found at the bottom of the aquarium. Collect them eagerly, because you can sell it good.

If you want to buy fishes, because the aquarium without fishes there is nothing special, click the Fish icon at the top of the screen. Remember that the prices of fish and other amenities are divided into two kinds of currency. The first is shells, which you have if you try enough. The second is the crown, which can get difficult to obtain and it is a long-term plan.

Once you select a fish, you name it. The fish is added to your aquarium, but you can see that it is not color-coded as was on offer in the shop. Is it because they do not feel well and usually need to be fed. Take therefore feed icon at the bottom of the screen and pour it some nutrition. Al fish crave food, so be careful to feed all properly.

Trifle has very nice graphics, is funny, not trying to imitate the look of real aquarium, or its inhabitants. Fish and other inhabitants are brought out rather funny and cute, so you will soon fall in love.

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My Fishbowl My Fishbowl My Fishbowl My Fishbowl

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