My Vineyard

My Vineyard

In vino veritas, as classic proverb says. Come on in and try what it is like to grow vine. Manage your own vine-yard. From seedlings until final product. Plant the vine, raise it, gather it, then comes fermentation and maturation in wooden barrels. It takes patience and skill.
Game-play is easy at the beginning. You get few ripe bushes and tutorial with instructions guides trough your first wine production. You gather ripe bush by simply clicking at it. Then you have to let it ferment. Just throw all grapes into big tank. At final stage, fermented vine goes into wooden barrels to mature.
That is for tutorial. From now on, you are on your own. Choose the right seedlings. Selection is not broad. Actually you can choose only Chardonnay. Click on beds and seedling will plant itself. You have to wait a couple of hours until it ripens.
Beds can be decorated, however money is scarce, so you better hold on. At first you are able to make few hundreds. At second round it gets better. Be patient. Between gathering and maturation, there is not much else to do.

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My Vineyard My Vineyard My Vineyard

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