Ocean Kingdom

Ocean Kingdom

Again we go to the coral reef and once again we play on their masters. This time we will not fall hundreds of feet below the surface. Our spectrum remains the clear area. Get a coral reef to meet your preference and see if they had the same idea for your friends.
Remember that the fish generate you the most money, so do not forget to regularly enter your reef, feed fish and sell them mainly when reach proper weight. Of course, in a metaphorical sense, because the fish we do not weight here, plaything itself tells us that the fish is already prepared, namely a tag whenever you click on the fish.
And if it doesn't told, then this surely understand yourself as small fish simply can not be sold. The game will not allow this. If the fish are hungry, take fodder and give them a bit of bulk. The advantage is that here you do not always have to click on the icon for a new portion of feed, but until you've clicked into the surface, feeding. The same applies to the planting.
To understand this you buy a little fish eggs - spawn. If you want them on a cliff take them and then click it. When you click again you have other fish and over again until your reef announces stop-state. It's an odd, since rarely you will see a reef where it is exact number of fish but from our point of view it is understandable.
The best activity it to visit friends who are already high over you and own actually somewhat better crew and equipment. Feast your eyes on the cliffs and get to be inspired. When you return a surprise may be waiting in the form of treasure. In this case it rains stones from the surface and you must catch it. As long as even one you do not let go you can collect to your heart's content. But let slip a single stone and return to reality:).

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Ocean Kingdom Ocean Kingdom Ocean Kingdom Ocean Kingdom

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