Papaya Farm

Papaya Farm

We will grow vegetables and flowers. With no frills and no decorations. You will have several flower beds and it is up to you how you deal with them, and how quickly to prepare for a good gardener and grower. Do not worry, all the won't get dirty.
You get to start five small flower beds, where you can grow carrots, potatoes and other vegetables. However, if you don't adore vegetables, nothing happens, grow flowers. And not common. From the menu, you can choose. Before you plant, you need a spade to loosen the soil. .

Then go to the store and choose seeds and seedlings. All the seedlings or seeds are designed for different levels, so do not worry if you're not yet able to grow the crop. Over time, it certainly is possible work through. On each bed you can plant another crop, by your own volition. When grow up vegetables or flowers reap it. Then, only you can sell.

For earned money you may buy more seeds. Gain experience in planting, purchasing, short in almost every operation, so do not worry that you have followed a snail's pace. Attention! Take care about your seedlings. In addition, will fertilize and water, you eliminate the pests, such as worms. For everything you have at the bottom of the screen visual icons.

The game is pretty graphically, unfortunately, might be somewhat more varied and original. It contains monotonous work, and when the seedlings grow, the player is basically bored. On the other hand, no violence, and who likes to create something fun and see what is the status of seedlings, will be excited by developer's sense of humor.

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Papaya Farm Papaya Farm Papaya Farm

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