If you liked games focused on pets such as Happy Pets, Pet and Pet, PetVile and many others definitely would not say no to further addition to this saga, which bears the name Petiler this time. As elsewhere there you may treat cute animals, feed them and even dress and adorn. Provided you dedicate to them sufficient attention, surely you obtain reward very soon and the next increment.
Pets can no longer wait until they can become a star. First, you get only one creature, you prove how you can take care of it. Once it has grown a little, you may get another friend that will make good company.

Remember that the pet is growing and so is its hunger almost inconsolable. Therefore, here and there you should look at indicators of the need to tell you what your pet at the moment is missing.

Don't you hold your charge at home? Begin with it on the outside, to know the local environment and especially new friends who do not hesitate to donate generously some gold.

Invite your friends to help, be together to share common experiences and difficulties while keeping pets. Also, you may send them interesting gifts, including food and other essential stuff.

Maybe at first you may be daunted by the fact that the game can not share in English. But do not worry, you can nearly all actions intuitively figure out, even without previous experience in a similar genre.

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