Rich Town

Rich Town

The title says that this is the best city in the world. And if that meant the world of Face-book, the authors may be right (the issue of self-congratulation omitted). A freak the devised to the finest detail, so you will enjoy the long days and possibly weeks. Try it.
Finally, there's plaything, which will give proper money to start with and in addition, its places all extremely cheap. Enjoy to your heart's content here, just look around. The tutorial you can safely skip in the game because you will be proficient in a few minutes without it.

You can build family houses, which are particularly beautiful, as well as department stores or restaurants, and finally parks and walkways and benches. Even the playground. Everything you place in your town, you will earn you. Earning is done in three ways. First, your building will produce coppers, then finally gold and silver coins. If you don't hurry, it is advisable to wait for gold coins. They will add to your bank much more than the previous two types.

The game will circle day and night. The night is far more impressive than days, because the town is beautifully lit and has an extremely picturesque and romantic atmosphere. During the day people are moving on the streets, where you know what they want here, the attraction. One longs for green parks, others would prefer a pub. And it is up to you how to grant them their desires.

It should be noted, that making money is almost alone here. And do not wait for the money back so long. Usually just a few minutes. Meanwhile, you may see what you unlock with the new higher level. It will keep you entertained for quick action as well as graphics and music. Do not hesitate and place your town right now!

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Rich Town Rich Town Rich Town

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