Roller Coaster Kingdom

Roller Coaster Kingdom

Who does not like amusement fairs with all attractions? You are now a proud owner of such fair. If you want to make it to the top, you need sound marketing and attract as much people as possible.
At start there is nothing special. Buy some refreshment stands and decoration. Do not forget to open a present, which the game gives you. Simply few customers. Let them in and strip them from their hard earned cash.
Business starts to grow, however look out for clean parking lot and security. Sometimes angry costumer pops up, or they get bored. Do not worry, just add new attraction.
You can browse decorations, however wait until fair prospers.
Do not run the game nonstop, just watch cash-flow and bring something new from time to time.

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Roller Coaster Kingdom Roller Coaster Kingdom Roller Coaster Kingdom Roller Coaster Kingdom Roller Coaster Kingdom

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