Sunshine Deep Sea

Sunshine Deep Sea

Do you want your own coral reef with all the undersea flora and fauna? Discover new species and put them in.
At start you have two beautiful mature fishes with jewelry ready for business. Wait for fish babies to grow, if you want make nice bit of money. Fishes trapped in ice must be freed by ice melting. How? Look for the sun icon, pick it and melt the ice. Sun rays help you and don't forget to feed your new arrival. When more fishes are hungry, they start to steal each others meal.
When make enough money, you can start to explore and bring new species from far away. Look at the world map and pick a location, however take care about your cash-flow.
If you want to have new fishes go to store. Accessories are available too, however it is pretty expensive. The fishes are divided according to how deep it lives. Doesn't it sound like a fun?

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Sunshine Deep Sea Sunshine Deep Sea Sunshine Deep Sea

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