Tattoo City

Tattoo City

Those who have ever had a tattoo of a beautiful image on your body, can certainly agree, that this action precedes a long search for a quality salon. Imagine that you are the boss and now you are going to arrange a tattoo studio. What will it look like?
First, you own only poor room with one chair and one tattoo armchair. Floor, wallpaper and all equipment must surely be renovated. Despite the fact that your salon is something extremely small, so you'll probably want to expand. Do not worry, everything is possible. Choose your avatar, who will represent your party and get on with it.

Once a customer arrives, sit him in a chair and click on it. The menu of possible tattoos appear. You choose what is best suited to the client. The client goes to a tattoo chair for your tattoo artist, who draws the image. Would that real tattoo take a moment like this in the game. A few seconds and it's over. A customer leaves satisfied, leave you a star with experience and ink.

Of course, here you can invite your friends, you can visit the salons. The advantage is that a pun offers a sound system, so you are more dragged into the story. It is also quite dynamic and tattoo artist has almost never stop. But sometimes you have to change. The more expensive tattoo artist, the better job. At least here in the game. True, in reality, this does not have to be. It's just that gamers/tattoo artists don't feel offended.

Some textures are truly inventive, and soon you will not know which to choose. Apart from the money can pay for the conveniences with red crystals. Attention! They are limited and difficult to obtain, so I recommend saving.

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Tattoo City Tattoo City Tattoo City Tattoo City

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