Tight Lines Fishing

Tight Lines Fishing

If you have some need to go fishing and the weather isn’t among the favorite one then we have one good Facebook game. Some pleasant bubbling water and moving fishing rod make always fun.
However, Tight Lines Fishing isn’t about catching fisher but there is possibility to build things, explore the world and have some rest.

The core of the game is of course in trying to catch many types of fish, finding out what they like and what lures are suitable for fishing in the pond or in moving water. The tasks follow you the whole game and they aren’t so bad at all for the beginning. But as the game goes on they become repetitive.

To prevent the game turning into a deaf stereotype, the authors smartly came with some possibility to build simple structures. This was the right move but the feeling from this part isn’t so satisfying. It looks too false and you always need many friends to finishing them. You don’t have to keep tens types of materials but this “ask for help” annoys. The decorative objects aren’t the best too.

But I sound very negative so let’s speak about the good things. The lures can be handmade by collecting worms and insect. The shops can be sued as well offering you wide range of equipment with reasonable price.
The authors put some work into the visual part and the audio with few sounds effects is well chosen as well. The game probably won’t win any graphic prize but it has its qualities. Especially the green feeling makes your eyes relax.

Overall the result is over average. The game is good, for some chosen ones and future fans, but the building elements just don’t work here. The core, fishing, may become boring as well after short time. On the other hand, creating your own lures and good shop keeps the result high.

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Tight Lines Fishing Tight Lines Fishing Tight Lines Fishing Tight Lines Fishing Tight Lines Fishing

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