Wonder Island

Wonder Island

Another farming simulator. You own a small isle, a perfect destination for a fully equipped farm and can add a restaurant with home cuisine. Definitely try this.
First pick an avatar to your liking. Do you want to play a male or female character? Your choice. When you have decided on gender, decide on the look. There are plenty possibilities. You are placed in an area, where is a couple of flower beds, one tree and a hen.
Your mission is to get recipes and cultivate plus cook delicious meals from the harvest. You can plant everything, like cherry, or rice and use animals too for dairy produce and meat. Gather fruits from your trees.
In the shop buy seeds and other useful things like decorations, new domestic animals and other. Decorations help you make your island more lively and fun place.
Remember, that seedlings need time to mature. You can tell if fruit is ripe by pointing mouse cursor. If you see golden sickle ti is right for harvest. Store shows how much you have harvested and how much you can trade.

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Wonder Island Wonder Island Wonder Island

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