ZOO Topia

ZOO Topia

Another series of games where we will build a zoo and everything in it belongs to. Get a pens where you breed mammals, fish or even insects, hire for them skilled attendants and make the zoo first class entertainment center.
Once you start you have in your zoological park only two animal pens, namely that the wild pigs and an aquarium with sea horses. In each enclosure you can buy more animals, but unfortunately the players will not see detail. They are simply satisfied with the number next to pens, which represents the number of inmates.

Short time intervals mark visiting days when your zoo will earn. The more of animals and enclosures, the better, because more customers will come. Again, you won't physically see anything, unfortunately, the garden faces a very static, which is a big minus.

In addition, there is a need to hire employees what will be a variety of caregivers, as well as veterinarians. The zoo also includes employees of entertainment venues, which you can build. Important and in fact an integral part is a nursery. They will provide new additions, without having to buy.

The whole garden can add the decorations, such as benches, shops with balloons, swings, etc. For the impatient it is usually better to break from the game and come back in an hour or two, when the garden will have behind a couple of days visiting and decent sum of money to credit. Remember also the official agency, where officials will work. It is usually located on a small island, and after clicking gives you a choice of what you intend to do.

Although the Zoo of Topia offers very nice graphics and lots of great options, many players probably will be sorry they can't see moving animals and visitors walking the paths, as it happens in other games of this type.

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ZOO Topia ZOO Topia ZOO Topia ZOO Topia

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