Bowling buddies

Bowling buddies

In this age of computer boom and development of social networks, it is still harder to meet your friends simply on the street and enjoy some sport. And so it is often, that you do not have any choice. Or is it not ?
It has been a long time since you have planned to go out with your friends to hit a few skittles. Enjoy a good time and at the same moment a little sport too. Do you constantly hear, that they do not have enough time, money and or proper mood? But wait. You do not have to hang on unreliable friends. Be social and play a sport game thanks to Face-book. For example bowling.
The game offers various game modes. You can use a training mode to hone your skills like professional. At the beginning it is quite difficult, because the dynamics are different from real bowling. However after some training you get the skill and you are ready to compete against friends. You can invite them and they can invite you. If you do not catch them, they can reply on invitation later and so can you.
So what is it? Yes, you can be with your friends and do some sport, even if you do not have any real friends and the weather is bad.

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Bowling buddies Bowling buddies Bowling buddies Bowling buddies Bowling buddies

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