Lionside Football

Lionside Football

Football managers are on Facebook quite a lot. Of which enough, too many are not particularly good. This piece is quite catchy and it matters that the first puts on your fandom a real team and an extra line of good features.
Demonstrate love for your favorite team from seven world leagues and according to time schedule choose to train them, so you in the following matches were victorious, winning cups, and do assignments. Things are not so easy as they seem.
Your team has selected some attributes of defense, back row and attack. Train each element separately, and each event will cost some money. The training section is growing with the level then reached. After training, your team has stature and experience, so if you come in time :-).

And you can go play match. An opponent are other users. Success lies in the choice of both opponents and also correctly chosen strategy. It's pretty simple math - just look at train level of rival and immediately see if you have a chance. Some mambo jambo does not take place and if you are measured as a weaker, you lose. Performance can be increased with purchases. First, there are some star players (such as Defoe at Tottenham, near Barcelona Iniesta and so on), which increases the attack, ambush or defense. Another option is buying boosts.

Number of matches is limited by the number of balls. Their increment is given in time interval, or advancement to a higher level or the fulfillment of tasks.

Tasks and cups you'll get to later (6 or 8. Level), so until that time is motivation guaranteed and even more it's not just clicks, which would be boring. The rewards are tempting, and the path to success means a better and more options. Again, the presence of micro-payments - the so-called Lion Bucks. It's possible to play without it, plus again referred to a higher level credits a lion in your account.

Gain the necessary experience in matches and training. Money pump repeatedly into training and there is never enough. Certain upgrade mean your friends, so persuade as many as possible :-). Nice is that there is no limit on the number of balls, such as the FIFA Superstars, where will be added to the account a maximum of 4 balloons. It is a bit different style. This is also very nice.

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Lionside Football Lionside Football Lionside Football Lionside Football Lionside Football

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