NBA Legend

NBA Legend

In NBA Legend puts it in finery a favorite basketball team. And that literally. In addition to playing games and related managerial duties, you will also need beautify your own training roster. By one player of the Lakers, the Raptors or the the Miami Heat you are yourself.
Selection teams naturally contain all the professional teams from the NBA, including actual players, and your little avatar as well. Ourselves at first slightly personalize. I say slightly, because the range of head, beard, hair and parts of uniforms will be richer after having reached the next level then.

Contents of the game involves playing mostly match. Initially is available only exhibition where you fight against other users of the same level. Later unlock League, where you will face a potential 82 games and playoffs.

Now the game outcome is influenced by several ways. One is composition of players who participate in the match and before the event, it can be changed. This gives you an overview of the basic attributes of the team - defense, attack and chemistry, probably the most important aspect. In addition to this, you can buy for the money earned from the games and tasks completed certain advantages for ten matches and so alike.

Chemistry between players, but I'd rather suggested a cooperation is increasing with training. Drill can start by yourself, but in combination with the other players will be precisely this cooperation. If you neglect the training, your team becomes weak. In this respect it pays to have some neighbors, however, it can be quite a decent title to play the solo, because this joint training can participate in more players and thus have more chemistry.

The progress of the match you can not change, just waiting for the result (this can not be skipped, but it was a couple seconds), for which you earn money and experience for everyone on the pitch. Thus, all improve, and you together.

Cash besides boosts in addition is good for buying new gear unlocked in the shop for you and the hall. It's not a wasted investment, as each new feature enhances your gaming options.

Finally there are tasks that bring additional funding, as well as sponsors and some fandom to this game.

As the number of played match, it is affected by balls, or their number. After the promotion to the higher level you earn something, others are added over time in hours, if you have respect for micro-payments, then they can be bought in this way. Personally, I do not find it necessary, and because the Lion Bucks (local currency for real money) you get after each level, I would save on some special stuff. Other application I just haven't found.

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NBA Legend NBA Legend NBA Legend NBA Legend NBA Legend

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