Pool Battle Live

Pool Battle Live

Have fun playing this Pool, just take a cue into your hands start sinking the balls and win over opponents in the on-line mode.
Ok, the game feels a bit shallow and empty. Immediately after starting the game you can being you play. Entering room is permitted through a bet or you have to save some money. There is no lobby room where you may find the same leveled player, totally no selection so you may bump into much more skilled player. The win gives you money and experience and if you have enough you can buy brand new table or a cue. And that’s all what the game offers.
The rules are simple, we are playing the classic 8 ball game. Pocket all balls of your type and finish with the black one. Aiming feels easy and intuitive but you still need to precise. Setting the power needs some practice but what the game totally lacks is some possibility to give the ball certain rotation. Generally speaking Pool Battle Live is pretty simplified Pool game offering the most important basics. It will find its players for sure thanks the more casual and arcade style.

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Pool Battle Live Pool Battle Live Pool Battle Live Pool Battle Live

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