Pool Live Tour

Pool Live Tour

How masterfully you control the cue and can you dig up from the faded pub to pool elite? However, be careful not to get back to Moe's hangout again. Find an opponent or a friend you can put into play.
Billiard game where you bet money and try to beat a live opponent. So play hard ... yeah and good aim.

Begin your career at Moe's and other games are unlocked after reaching that level. These rules differ here and there, but also the amount that you bet on the game / you can win. By the beginning you get basic gear, but if you want to buy more cues in the future, you have to win and also play day after day to get a daily bonus.
Cues are not just for decoration, but each has certain characteristics, like strength, aim, and the false and endurance. Now given the last attribute is a good tactics to change cues, if you're a series of simple strikes.

The game then always shows at least the direction of the ball at an angle, so you aim decently. The adversary system itself is looking for you and is not too sparing. Even good players roam in the lower rounds.

The reward for winning the match are both money, a so-called V-type. It will open a new territory, along with plenty of finance. But the joke is that if you do not have enough money, and somehow you just keep losing, you simply delevel and fall back. Level two in this case there is no shame (I say in my defense).

Insignificant, but friendly aspect is the national anthem, which echoes at the end of the game :-). The game is in Czech language and games quickly arise. The question is, if your winnings are added to account. You can look at the statistics of opponent, but after start, not before. Then, to your dismay you discover that you're playing against experienced player, and with advanced cue, and then it is hard work ...

Gameplay is great and the title immerses you into for an incredibly long time. Regarding physics, so I was never into it, but let me suggest that there is a decent level. Hardly the game would have counted per month over seven hundred thousand active users.

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Pool Live Tour Pool Live Tour Pool Live Tour Pool Live Tour Pool Live Tour

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