School memories are back. Boring lessons well much better survivable when you had a piece of paper and friend to play Battleships. The time has moved and this fun is more “social”.
Today’s Facebook game is primarily made for the older players to travel back in time and young audience to understand why paper and pencil could entertain for hours. Become the real Admire who overlooks his harbor to build a powerful fleet and fight AI and other players.

The building part is more or less classic thing. You unlock new and bigger ships, craft special items, gather resources and progress into the late game. It’s not anything special or great but theses basics are necessary.

The types of ships are various, you begin with small and weak ones and finish with battleships and powerful floating bastions. All can be used to gather resources when you aren’t playing but the most important part of their lives are battles. At first you travel the sea, explore islands and oil stains until you bump into an enemy. This prelude isn’t however somehow interesting and before you get into the late game it turns into repetitive activity.

Ok, the battles are great. You shoot from the weapons settled on the ships. So if you lose some ship you lose the weapon and must use something else. This unlocks variety of tactics, strategy and attacks making the biggest battles very interesting. Special items can be helpful as well but in the end it’s up to you and your luck.

I haven’t bumped into any pay to win problem with other players. The battles went 50/50 and I wasy very happy with any new ships or weapon in my hands. But the middle looing and grinding game part wasn’t really thrilling.

No technical issues, graphics is ok and fine gameplay make this game pretty good especially for the more strategy entertained players.

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Please dont remove this game , there is no other resource
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why was this deleted? i really want to play this.
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