Airport City: Free to Fly

Airport City: Free to Fly

There is another interesting city to visit but with some bonus today. Not only shops and houses must be built, you even get an airport under you control.
Airport City: Free to Fly is something like a sequel for quiet and successful browser-based MMO game. The core of the games is similar but offers something more, especially the space goals. But at first you have to make enough money.

The game is split into two parts. You have to look after the city which produces passengers, some money and electricity. Everything is about the types of buildings and their level. However the more interesting part is the airports. All the important stuff can be found here, it has own terminals, hangars, runways or hangars to repair the planes. This is the main magic of the game. Besides planning your own trips and flights you have to allow planes from other players to lend and get some reward. It has another plus which is necessary to progress further into the game.

Advanced buildings need various items for finishing steps when under construction. It’s nothing new many similar games use the same system. But here gaining the items is about a lot of luck. The easiest way is to ask your friends for the needed items or just wait until their visiting plane gives you some. The ratio of the right items is low but still better than nothing. It won’t matter too much but sometimes it slows the game too much.

Another problem is the limitation in building parcels. Before you are able to create huge city with even bigger airport you have to play a lot and with many friends.

The reward is at least great. Authors came with detailed game and many types of buildings to enjoy. Besides visiting the space as the final frontier you can enjoy the lively traffic on your port.

It’s really up to you if you give the game chance. The first two weeks may look a bit slow but with more and more friends on your list, you can start moving fast.

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Airport City: Free to Fly Airport City: Free to Fly Airport City: Free to Fly Airport City: Free to Fly

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