Castle Rock

Castle Rock

Have a rest from various match-3 games for Facebook and let’s visit a fantasy world in a war.
Castle Rock is a new generation game where you learn patience and value every step. There is a new trend of in-game currency being given without paying just by playing well and enjoying the game.

In Castle Rock you become a lord of your own town to mine copper, gold, produce food and hire different types of units and heroes with their own skills. All is just typical daily clicking routine, recruiting, upgrading skills and fighting in PvE or even better PvP battles.

The combat is turn-based thing. At first, you choose the units to be spent in the battle and then you just give orders who should attack what and use spells or power-ups. These things can be pretty powerful. What won’t be liked much is the fact you lose all the units after the battle but it may make you think and plan a bit.

The Castle Rock’s content will be beloved as you progressively explore it. This will motivate you to continue playing and winning battles. Especially when you get not only resources and spells but even the in-game currency which can be used for buying great and mostly locked stuff.

PvP part then brings special runes to build unique building for hiring more different units or getting special boost and bonuses. There are really a lot of things and activities to be done but it comes with a cost. Castle Rock is more suitable for hardcore social players who want to get deep into the game and time doesn’t matter for them. The rewards are great – long gameplay with tons of fun in a nice looking game. The only thing the authors should make soon is defeating some bugs and balancing the units a bit.

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Castle Rock Castle Rock Castle Rock Castle Rock Castle Rock

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