Zynga is undoubtedly the leading company on the field of social game in Facebook. Their newest title into the Ville games proves it. CastleVill is, as promised, graphically better and the content is huger than the previous creations and millions of players in few days prove it. Let’s go and visit this magical world.

Most Zynga’s games are mostly build on the principle – get friends, build, farm, share, collect, send, …

The biggest boom was made by FarmVille, the next step was made thanks Treasure Isle and the newest games CityVille, Adventure World and, today’s game CastleVille.

CastleVille is based on the proven system but there are some changes … better changes. I will try to explain you, in the next lines of text, what’s the game about and then it’s up to you if you join the community. I’m sure, you have already received one invitation to join it and become a neighbor of one friend. If you ignored it you should consider finding it.

Once upon a time ...

The CastleVille concept is totally magical and fairy. From the whole beginning, when you got to quite empty place somewhere in a forest, you will be feeling the magical atmosphere. First mission is ahead and there is a first character waiting to have a chat with you. The guides turn to be three characters, mostly with the fairy-tale motive as kings, princess, brave warrior, wizard, etc. It wouldn’t be Zynga if you didn’t build something. You can build a whole charming city with the walls around, court, gates, magical gardens and of course farming possibilities or fishing. Thanks to this part of the game turn to be very complex, that offers something to everyone. The freedom in deciding and changing activities prevents the game becoming stereotypical.


The missions act as the storytelling part – save, find, destroy, etc. But there is enough side quests, that are only about collecting, gaining items from friends, forging equipment, exploring locations etc. What’s surely nice possibility is having chance to move a mission into the later part and concentrate to another tasks. Every character opens some missions and together you get groups of tasks. You are always informed about the progress and how well you do.


As you progress in the missions you will level up and so be able to build new and new buildings. They cost something and you need some resources as well. You are totally free where you wish to place them and the roofs can even be repainted and the city won’t look stereotypical. Don’t forget to build paths, ornaments … you know. Don’t hope you can immediately build everything. The more expensive things are unlocked with the higher level. Some structures gave you castle points which move you up in the list among your friends.


Generally, all the natural material found in CastleVille can be somehow used. When you are bored and don’t know what to harvest or build, you can just cut down a tree, hit some stones, catch fish, collect honey from flowers and rake grass. And when you run out of the material you can buy some seeds, grow things, water them and get the needed things from the harvest. The same is with stone and cattle (buy chicken, feed it, sel lit or use eggs to gain energy). And when you feel sorry to destroy the nature round you there is a neighbor to visit. You can spend only limited time there because your bag has limited space for every ingredient.


I had missed this in several games, the possibility to create things and special items by combining ingredients to gain energy, faster killing of creatures or just having them. There is no need to spend real money for bonuses; you just make what you need after some time. To be able to craft you need to have special building and this takes some time. Get to a blacksmith, kitchen and other interesting stuff. Hundreds of items are possible to craft but I won’t tell you how to use, just find it on your own.

Every item is put together from different parts, you can collect the parts or get from neighbors. According the difficulty and use they take some time of creation, some are about few minutes or hours.


When visiting your neighbors you do many things but you can even collect hearts which are very important in buying special items.

I have almost forgotten that you have your own character to dress and change.

I liked the set up panel in the upper part of the screen. The best way how to enjoy the game is to turn it into the fullsreen. The more items you have the longer is loading but this is problematic with every similar game.

Another positive is the number of tasks. You aren’t buried under tens of unfinished achievements but you have time without feeling pressed and passing or fulfilling the missions is easy. The items needed are easy to make and you don’t need too many friends. The dependence to your friends was and is annoying in many games for me but here you aren’t limited by time and number of them.

Graphics and audio

The graphics is amazing. Zynga said before the game launch that the graphics and music is the best they have created so far. I must admit one thing, it took me some time to get used to the colored and over-cartooned style. But now it’s not so bad and I’m looking forward to every new mission.

The graphics really made good job and the same thing can be said about the audio and music makers. The music was created and recorded by the real orchestra and listening it takes you into a real fairy-tale feeling.

Let’s count it togheter

CastleVille isn’t so stron social game it tends to lean to RPG style much more. You get tasks, collect items, you bump into adventure moments, simulation and building strategy or farming. I don’t remember if I have ever seen this type of FB game.

We are in the end of the article and those who get here are turning on Facebook right now. We may see there so let’s go into the fairy-tale in CastleVille!

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