CSI: Crime City

CSI: Crime City

If you like the popular series CSI: Crime Scene Investigation in the various cities, then you surely spot great inspiration to the series in this game and Laurence Fishburne as one of your guides in the world of crime, which you now face. Resolve the given case will cost you both a lot of money and energy.
The title not only borrowed the name of the famous crime series, but also other aspects. In addition to the characters is actually a whole system of play. After selecting a case starts opening sequence, in which we learn who is who, who who does not like who want to kill whom and so on. Actively enter into action at the crime scene. Your job is on the game board to find the necessary number of tracks, and so with flashlight in hand you guess what box hides the bloodied handkerchief or a firearm. The size of each location and thus the search space is different and the fields are several varieties of species. You start with a small torch and soon will join the parade the fingerprint brush, camera, and tweezers. I'm not saying just that. Any search act cost you some power, so there is also a little strategy. You may pounce straight at trampled boards, however you could lose soon all the energy and also there may be nothing. It won't certainly please you. Therefore, rather more effectively search the area with torches (only six units of energy) and thus find not only help in the form of arrows that show the location of more evidence, but also a mini-game, or money used to gain more power. See how everything around it still spins. So lets talk how to get it. Visit your friends from time to time in the laboratory, there is a cup of coffee from time to time. More can be found in the aforementioned mini-games, where you look for the pairs under time limit.

When I broached the laboratory. You move there in the second phase of resolving the case. Once you find all or at least one of the corpus delicti, the lab will process it relevant experts. It takes some time, which can influence the purchase of better equipment. After processing all the evidence you unlock new locations.

Money is needed for the purchase of basic equipment and then also to its improvement, so it always pays to examine the greatest number of pieces. Never know where might be hiding a nice sum of money. You aquire additional funding for the procedure to the next level, as each revelation and found objects will give you some experience. All that clicking is very well prepared and packed, so definitely try. Ubisoft brand under this game is sure to offer entertainment.

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CSI: Crime City CSI: Crime City CSI: Crime City CSI: Crime City CSI: Crime City

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Muito obrigado por ter criado esse jogo, sinceramente foi o jogo que marcou minha infância e encontra-lo depois de anos é algo que enche meu...
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