Duck Dynasty: Redneck Empire

Duck Dynasty: Redneck Empire

How does it look like when these rednecks start their own business? It’s still a hard work and you have to build and make all necessary things.
A group of rednecks has decided to open and start their own company. That means playing a strategy game in an uncommon area.
The principles are basic and don’t change too much. You get an empty lot and there you start building all the important things. The basics are workshop, to make gods, and a warehouse. After stocking enough of the gods you can start selling which brings money for the development, constructing new things and upgrades. The circle of unlocking new things and hiring new employees, building, producing or getting a car is here for sure. The construction work takes some time so count with some longer gameplay if you want to achieve something. About the employees, each is useful for certain place but they need to rest and gain strength from time to time. Even the production, moving it and packing the goodies takes some time making the game a bit time fun limitation. On the other hand the game has its own magic and unique theme. But don’t hope for something extra.

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Duck Dynasty: Redneck Empire Duck Dynasty: Redneck Empire Duck Dynasty: Redneck Empire Duck Dynasty: Redneck Empire Duck Dynasty: Redneck Empire

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