Emoticon defense expansion map

Emoticon defense expansion map

Emoticons rule the world and smiley has become a recent phenomenon. It may surprise you they have gotten into strategy, where they shoot fireballs and defend against various individuals. Can you help them in their quest to defend and exit from the game?
A game goal is to prevent enemies to pass trough. They are numerous, you can expect pigs, octopus, even flowers. The precise defense is important, because the terrain is like maze.
Pick a smiley and place it somewhere effectively. For example crossroad, or a curve, where it is possible to do most damage. When ready, press Next wave and observe.
Before you start a game you can pick, where the battle takes place and set options. If you are confident, choose Hard. Remember every next wave is stronger and faster.
The game has a nice music and ambient sound. This is most noticeable thing. The graphics isn't too good, but good enough. This is uncommon strategy game mixed with humor.

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Emoticon defense expansion map Emoticon defense expansion map Emoticon defense expansion map

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