To live in a log cabin amongst wild nature, cultivate own crops and from time to time help a friend. Back in times of colonization a man could always find some excitement. Another game from The Farm-Ville developers. A field stays, however it is coupled with various other activities.
Living at wild nature isn't for the faint of heart and you must fight for your spot on the sun every moment. How? Complete given work. Flashing icons help to orientate and soon you will construct your very first housing, raise cattle and plant crops. This everything needs some space, so don't hesitate to excavate. Every activity costs some energy and for each successful mission you gain experience points, money and food to survive harsh times. After you pass each level you get energy meter on max.
Crops are bred as in The Farm-Ville. You create beds and then plant in various seeds. Watch out for right harvest time, or your crops will simply die.
There are many fun to do activities besides farming. You can decorate surrounding area, fight snakes in high grass , or you can help your friends with harvest. Use given missions to amuse yourself and collect nice rewards, then make everyone jealous by posting your accomplishments on the wall. You can also send a present to all your friends. There is always something to do.

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