Hero Defense

Hero Defense

Call together mighty heroes and defeat mighty Loki to rescue the world and get it out of never ending chaos. This one is a Tower Defense game that will get you.
The enemies come in big number and you have to stop them. The principle is classic, there are spots where you can build various towers. Each tower is recruited hero who must be bought at first. These towers can be further upgraded and specialized using various elements. With every built tower you gain special attack as well.

So when you are ready you move into a battle through a map. Yes, besides spells casting you don’t do anything else. The goal is clear, no enemy can get through or the game is over. After every successful mission you progress and get some nice reward. Heroes can be improved or new recruited.

Of course, there are demons and bosses too so it’s good idea to keep some energy and special attacks in reserves. Some ordinary units aren’t worth of your time.

And that’s the main content of the game, sometimes you unlock new things as maps and worlds. The feeling if missed opportunity is here. It would be so nice to upgrade the towers during the game and having some more energy could be improvement as well. Well, the popular game style isn’t great here. It’s more for casual players who don’t feel engaging in the game itself. The hardcore players may leave dissatisfied.

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Hero Defense Hero Defense Hero Defense Hero Defense Hero Defense Hero Defense

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