Little Warrior

Little Warrior

Even with a small warrior you can reach for great victory. However he must be ready for battle and has his sword sharpened. Train hard and show off to your enemies. First pick your avatar and be careful, because later it is not possible to change it much.
After you give it a name, you can start looking for your first sparing partner. According to your level you choose your foe and than wait how the clash ends.
Have you won? Good. You can continue to next round, or shop at store for weapons, skills and other useful gear. If you have been beaten, then you find yourself in store sooner. You can trade here for so called brutal credits, which you get at start some, however later you must secure your income by victories in matches.
As I already mentioned, you can enhance your avatar with various gear. For example weapons. Basic is a gun, however soon you will need more firepower so save enough to buy something stronger. Similar situation is with skills, so there is always conflict between your needs and what you can afford.
Your avatar upgrades by leveling up too. Still you need to invest some points to his health constantly. If you manage to overcome difficult beginning and train hard, the game gets better and better. You can buy better gear and participate in tournament.
Once you are short of credits for battle, you must wait. It is always better, than to buy them for high price.

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Little Warrior Little Warrior Little Warrior Little Warrior

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