Millionaire City

Millionaire City

As a proper businessman you see money at every corner. Every building, housing and enterprise is an opportunity to invest and profit. You do not have to be university graduate in economics to get that this game is all about money. You can never have enough and without cash you are nobody. Raise your capital and value of your city sky-high.
How to prepare money making scheme ? Everything is based on successful mission realization. You can start by building living apartments complex and collect rent. So you need to mark a location for new apartments. It costs a fee, however it is minimal compared to overall profit. As the building is completed, pick a renter and wait for rental period to complete. This is very important. If you fail to collect rent at precise time, you get nothing. The rent amount is deducted from a renter type, location, and a small impact has decoration and surrounding enterprises. As time goes by you will have a chance to expand you empire and feast your eyes on a fattening bank account.
At last I would mention graphics. For those of you, who have already met creative genius Digital Chocolate, will not surprise it is nicely drawn and detailed. Only drawback, that has hit me during game-play was constant server black-out and restart. However to be honest it gets better and there is evident continuous development on a tech side of project, so in the end I recommend this game for you to try.

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Millionaire City Millionaire City Millionaire City Millionaire City Millionaire City

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