Nightclub City

Nightclub City

Prepare for never ending party, dancing and fun. Where? Of course in your own club, that you build and equip as you wish. Choose the right music, decorations and many other things.

At first you must choose the music. You are the Dj and you play the sets from many kinds of music. For example - house, techno, pop, etc. After you choose the music the fun can go on. Of course you can change the music anytime you want. The people start coming and they will drink. So it is time to hire some of your friends as a barman. Of course you can change the guy you have hired anytime you want. You can change the work you staff does. Barman can do some tricks for higher tips but it will take longer to make any drink.

The staff is one thing the other is management. A lot of money is not only by the drinks but thanks to entry too. To get as many people as possible you need a big place and there any dance floor. So you buy the floor and with any possibility buy bigger room. Another things to buy are lights and many other shiny items. So make your club cool.

At first the game looks a bit confusing despite the game leads you step by step at first. But after you are caught by the game you are lost and you are going to have everything in your club. The most favorite thing is dance music, sometimes it goes over and over again but thanks to the updates there are new tracks.

In the end I should mention some special things after you get into the higher levels. For example celebrities visits that you pay for or you ask your friends. These celebrities are fictional but it is not difficult to guess who is the original model.

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Nightclub City Nightclub City Nightclub City Nightclub City Nightclub City

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