Play Defend Your Honor!

Play Defend Your Honor!

We are used to defend the fortress with troops or tanks and defensive towers, but magicians as such, it's been a long time. Arrange your wizards around the way and see how they deal with the situation. Can destroy all kinds of enemies that you the game offers?
Enemies are really varied. Coming mud dwellers who really crawl and are thus extremely slow. Then follow the snails. They give players with their reputation a clear message. But after those two warm up laps it will be much worse. Spiders appear and it is known, that they are extremely quick runners. Finally, strange matter, which almost flies and is also extremely resistant against magic.

First, you have only one wizard. Therefore, it is important here, where you place it. Levels can always be solved, that eventually you will keep all enemies at bay, if you don't stop all right. If something gets in the key, which direct your desires too, you will see how your life will be reduced. In addition, you will also hear a massive gongs.

When the level finishes sufficiently, you get the key. It is important to enter the gate. The gate is usually locked by the two keys, so you must try to solve the next round. Each one is harder and harder. Hence the need for shrewd eye. The levels are in fact designed so that you can outwit even the heaviest calibres. Later you can update your mage, means strengthen.

Enjoy affordable graphics and sound. Enemies are represented in a funny way, which will entertain children in particular.

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Play Defend Your Honor! Play Defend Your Honor! Play Defend Your Honor!

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