Protect The Castle

Protect The Castle

And we will be defending the castle. Not just any. Even three-step! You have to spend all your tactical skills, because the enemy will not save you anyway. To what level are you able to get in and know how to even cope at the moment when the castle is burning?
Initially, you may find that your fortress is well-guarded, because of its every step, there is one soldier, if it can be called. However, all three on the other hand, is one man. So if attacks one, attacking is everyone. Their domain is throwing objects. Whether it is a tomahawk or spears.

As another ace up sleeve is the dragon. You own it automatically and do not need to purchase it. If you want to attack like this, press key number one. Dragon in its mighty talons bears a heavy boulder and it will try to destroy enemies before they reach up to you. We strongly recommend destroying enemies really as far as possible from the castle. Once it is touched, they will begin to systematically destroy it. And soon joined by others.

When the level ends, you'll see how much money you earned and how much you can spend. You do not have much choice, so of course the first levels, because whether you're trying, as you might, usually you earn one hundred of gold per level. There is also inconvenience, when deploying dragon. For each such tank or animal you will see a yellow stripe. Only when it is yellow from start to finish, you can use the dragon. And sometimes even that fails.

Trifle has very nice graphics, if you will be ruined castle, the levels will seem quite long. The disadvantage is the time limit of shooting. Your throwers may throw is only after certain intervals, which are considerably weakened.

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Protect The Castle Protect The Castle Protect The Castle

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