Special Forces

Special Forces

Become a commanding officer of a military unit, which completes special assignments. There could be more special items, anyway.
This kind of games is pretty common at The Face Book. I have seen many, albeit in different graphic design, so I am not impressed. You and the unit representing your friends accomplish various missions at first quite easy. You just click and your account fills with money and experience. Then you unlock new levels and missions. This may get boring after awhile, because of such a flatness you can experience in game flow. Take a rest and at the start of each new level you are all fresh. Use store to buy and sell equipment. There is a possibility of side income, just check your options to invest. Besides, you can fight for money with friend's team.
All in all this isn't anything special, very similar to games like The Mafia Wars, The Vampire Wars and more, however compared to these games it is not enough. For the fans of the genre you have here another alternative to try.

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Special Forces Special Forces Special Forces Special Forces Special Forces

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