Strategy Defense 3

Strategy Defense 3

On the one hand, your strength and your men, then the other enemy that has at least the same skills as you. Who will be better and who manages to conquer stronghold of the other? Experience management and investments in your troops.
Fortresses aren't far from each other, so it is necessary to deploy the best candidates to break through the enemy's wall, which will consist of his army, and reached the fort, which you can then attack and destroy. Therefore, do not hesitate and produce one soldier after another. Everything will be done gradually, from the simplest of weapons to the best.

The first you can choose archers. Of course, the more icons on the right are placed, the more strong soldiers you choose. Unfortunately they are also more expensive, so you need to remember that if you stay broke and the enemy will destroy your army, destroys your stronghold as well. The strongest soldiers are generally efficient and well-defeating enemies. Note, however, that the enemy did not gain advantage in the process.

After some time you unlock the other icons with the soldiers. So you'll be able to afford such fighters with swords. Swords are also three species, the strongest you can see on the right. You will meet cavalry here, even with lines of soldiers, who form a protective barrier, we shoot rifles and much more. Remember that the enemy is very powerful adversary, and never stays behind for long.

Trifle has excellent sound, good atmosphere, which contributes a combative mood. The graphics are rather average, however. Sometimes you have a problem with the fact that money runs out and enemy actually destroys your army, in this case there is no chance to save yourselves.

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Strategy Defense 3 Strategy Defense 3 Strategy Defense 3

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