Sword vs. Sword

Sword vs. Sword

Become a knight and cut down all the opponents in the on-line battles. Moment of surprise and estimating the situation should bring victories.
The principle of the game is very simple. After finding an opponent you appear in a ring and you have to set the zones for attack and defense in the time intervals. There are four possibilities and you can choose two for the defense and one for the attack. Well, and the opponent does the same. The next turn shows who chose the better tactics or has more luck.

And that’s the whole duel. Besides tips and luck the play can be influenced by skills gained for the money. The modes are about fast game, fighting against friends or joining a tournament. There the winners collect really nice reward. If you have some equipment there is need to repair it from time to time.

The number of battles is limited by your lives but you lose them only if you lose a battle. But to be honest some duels are pretty long and three lives aren’t enough. The whole game isn’t for long gaming but if you just spend few minutes with it you will have always fun.

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Sword vs. Sword Sword vs. Sword Sword vs. Sword Sword vs. Sword Sword vs. Sword Sword vs. Sword

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