The Smurfs & Co: Spellbound

The Smurfs & Co: Spellbound

The situation isn’t bright at all, it’s more to the blue. Smurfs’ world turned into stone and it’s up to you to make everything as it was. Break the spell and repair the whole village with all the Smurfs.
The sequel of popular game is back and it builds on the classic principles of building villages, crafting and fulfilling many quests. You are one of the Smurfs and your task is to repair all the damage made by a spell, set free other guys and rebuilt your home. Watch the quests and fulfill them if possible. With this you will be able to build new houses, equipment for crafting. You use energy with any activity but it of course replenishes over time, or when you jump to the next level.

As you progress you unlock new buildings and decorations but you have to pay for extending borders on the map. This is one of the biggest motivations – unlocking new Smurfs. You get more quests but all walk round the village and it feels alive.

Big part of the game is crafting. To move further you have to create and make certain product, sometimes many times and upgrade building, or you can visit your friends.
Shopping takes money, so you aren’t limited only by energy but money as well. Therefore you have to collect resources round the village to continue. On the other hand it’s good that you can speed up building for normal money and not only for the real one from your wallet.

This is a classic Facebook game where isn’t missed the farming or creating your own clan. The ordinary principles work here well because all is in the style of Smurfs world. This is what makes Facebook game popular and the fans of Smurfs have already reached one million active players. But be careful you will need as many friends as possible to gain all the nice bonuses and material.

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The Smurfs & Co: Spellbound The Smurfs & Co: Spellbound The Smurfs & Co: Spellbound The Smurfs & Co: Spellbound The Smurfs & Co: Spellbound The Smurfs & Co: Spellbound The Smurfs & Co: Spellbound The Smurfs & Co: Spellbound

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