Throne Rush

Throne Rush

The world of Adergan is a place with never ending conflicts, battles and you are going to take part in it. Start building your own army and castle to show everyone who is the best. The game was motivated by Clash of Clans.
Making a strong army isn’t so simple. At first you need to construct and create prospering kingdom. The most important thing is to have enough resources from mines and mills. Then you can create various building and their extensions for producing soldiers. Some building are for defensive purpose only and some are here for the research. So you make your own city and then you go fighting.

When you feel that you have some good material and resources gain you should go fighting to make even more.
Classic campaign or other player
s can be your targets. The battles are quite swift and in high tempo. You place your units on the available positions and then you just watch how well can do in the brawl and battle against the defense. It’s only up to you what type and how many of units you send on a certain part of the enemy’s fort. Wins give you glorification points and looted resources. Revenge system makes the game even more interesting, everyone can see who attacked them so you should be prepared for some looted players visiting you place. The game doesn’t really offer anything else then very popular Clash of Clans and other similar games but the fans will enjoy it.

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Throne Rush Throne Rush Throne Rush Throne Rush Throne Rush Throne Rush

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