Treetopia is a pun, which spins, though often only marginally, around a large tree, which, as a guardian angel watches over your tribal village. That makes him the village will draw strength and will help to win their battles, large and small. Visit the mysterious world of creatures and create your own.
Initially, you own only a few houses, namely the native. It, however, to defend your beloved village, will not be enough, so you have to build more. It's not so easy, because every building has its price. Here, however, the natives do not know the money, you pay with magic stones and gems.

When you enter the item shop, you can choose from several types of buildings, in addition to native huts, there are other buildings that have a magical and spiritual significance. Each one offers different self defense and a different strategy to face the enemy.

The best part of the game but still comes up, if you want a little action and suspense, touch Quests. You will find yourself on the map where each instance means the match with opponents. They are generally stronger than you, and here shows how important it is to have more magic in store houses and buildings. The more there is, the more you can afford the losses.

How to fight? For every building you will see several icons. Each one means a fighting style, such as Poison's poisoning, the Beast slum is an excellent against animals - even the most ordinary as well as supernatural etc. The problem arises when during the fight you will lose a building here that just apply to the enemy, and such boards, which against him is weak. It is crucial that you remain more players than the enemy. You can check the status all the time.

Graphically trifle is well portrayed, not lacking momentum and tension. Entertain the surroundings and it's here for you a long time, is not just about a single event from which would you later give your hands away. The higher level you are, the more opponents are waiting for you and the better weapons you have available.

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