Brawl Busters - wild brawl with original chracters

Brawl Busters - wild brawl with original chracters

Under what circumstances you can have a firefighter, basketball player, boxes or American football player on one place? Not during a fire in an Olympic village. The correct answer is action MMO game Brawl Busters. Welcome rocker and zombies as well. That’s very interesting group what we have in this rapid brawl.
Begin with classic registration, download needed software and after the installation and login the world of Brawl Busters opens for you. Begin with creation your own fighter.

When a was child I wanted to be a firefighter … but I choose to be a rock star

The figure that represents you can be chosen from five classes. As I have already told you, there is a firefighter, rocker, boxes, basketball and American football player. Each of them has pros and cons and they are described during the choosing. I walked the middle path so the musician was ideal for my taste.

You don’t have to be sad if you have chosen wrong because till the fourth level you get chance to unlock next the classes and before starting the game or getting killed you can decide among them. I do recommend going through the training missions. There you can try all the characters and you can decide much easier. The firefighter is probably the most difficult figure to control.

Multiplayer and the game modes

The biggest entertainment is in the on-line game with other players. You may choose from several game modes. The tradition offer is, my favorite, Deathmatch and Free for All. Team fighting and trying to beat other player is just classical. The Capture of Flag mode is missing and I only hope that I’m not the only one who feels bad about it. Survive Zombie mode is one of the less traditional. There, the players face hordes of zombies and try to survive the onslaught. The nice trick is that the death can be “cured” by your friend if he revives you in time.

I shouldn’t forget about the Glow mode. Two teams try collecting “energy” from the beaten enemies. This is quite tricky because not every kill means helping your team and letting yourself killed can be big loss. I liked this mode a lot.

System of the game

The separation and sorting of the players is according the reached level. With the recent update, the experience and level up system was changed. This was very welcomed by player like me because we climbed higher. The overview of canals was improved as well.

The content can be described in three words – cool, rapid brawls. Nobody waits and starts fighting, very close fighting. You can choose from three basic attacks – left hand, right hand, both hands and there is no need for wild mouse clicking, just hold the button. One attack represents hit from close, the second from distance and the third is special attack. The strategy of the game is slightly different according the character you play as but you always get into the right brawl and action. It’s because the maps are small and when the teams are full (4vs4) you don’t have any free minute and that’s only good.

During the fight, you can destroy the surrounding and gain bonuses for you and your team. The individual specialties are bombs, poison or invisibility. The teams’ bonuses are increasing speed, shield or the health gets refilled. The place where you get it all is nicely placed in the middle of the map putting some strategy content into the game. Who control this spot has an advantage.

The fight is over and I …
After every fight, you get experience and money for buying new weapons, outfits and upgrades. The experience increases your level and gives you possibility to use the gained equipment. You can buy a strong weapon but if you don’t fulfill the requirements you cannot carry it.
The market is slightly expensive but on the other hand nothing is only to make an eye happy but it’s useful and increases your attributes. Play as much possible and safe money.

More of special content
The system of improving the equipment is really interesting. After some time, you unlock crafting system. There you put a weapon or a part of your equipment and try to increase the bonuses but with a risk losing the thing.

Closing part
Slightly annoying is that some players aren’t prepared or take their time, but that’s part of every MMO game of this type. Another negative is the repeated gameplay. However, unlocking new classes lowers the stereotype. The clear stereotype, in this moment, is lower number of mapes.

Play here.



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Brawl Busters - wild brawl with original chracters Brawl Busters - wild brawl with original chracters Brawl Busters - wild brawl with original chracters Brawl Busters - wild brawl with original chracters Brawl Busters - wild brawl with original chracters Brawl Busters - wild brawl with original chracters Brawl Busters - wild brawl with original chracters Brawl Busters - wild brawl with original chracters Brawl Busters - wild brawl with original chracters Brawl Busters - wild brawl with original chracters

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