PlanetSide 2

PlanetSide 2

Planetside 2 is game that I completely missed. I bumped into this great game by chance and it turned into very pleasant surprise.
No trailer, no news, nothing, Planetside 2 appeared in my gaming world on one day and I was just surprised. I quickly created first character joined one of three sided and joined the war craziness of this MMO sci-fi action.

Planetside uses a story of great three sided conflict where each of them fights for some different goals. To be honest, all looks the same and my decision was made according the background stories.

Welcome solider! Some training? No chance…
I really didn’t see this opening coming. You are just shot from orbit into the closest battle. No training, tutorial or hints. Forget about it. In my case, I joined the first group of fighters and moved with them into the next fight, I died in five seconds. This type of beginning isn’t really optimal, especially for sic-fi newbies.

From futuristic planet, through high-tech building, to great technology we cannot even imagine, the sci-fi style is totally present here and I can easily say that this is the best action MMO of its kind you can find.

After a bit hectic opening, it may give you some epic feeling, and first death, you will have chance to look a bit around, explore the menu, character and maps.

Where am I?
The whole game, let’s call it server, is split into 3 continents (snow world, sand and green country). The first steps will take you only to one of them, in my case it was the icy one, but as you progress you get chance to visit all the corners of the big world. The whole idea behind the segments is to make the players and all three sides fight for every continent and sectors there. The sectors are taken by conquering strategic buildings and checkpoints.

Some of them are monumental and just huge. Some of them are even over kilometer long or wide. Why? I may surprise you now. Planetside 2 is mainly filled with battle of hundreds player on one place. No jokes here, the best part of the game is in huge struggle conquering or defending an important places, bases, laboratories, radar station, etc.

Once you defend a place called Traverse, that is almost one kilometer long bridge, then you use special “catapults” to reach entrance platforms or you use lifts to get on different spots. The whole feeling of open world and hugeness is fantastic.

Solider, what is your profession?
Every side is represented by several professions. The number isn’t too big but you can find your favorite style. You can play as a medic, who mainly heals and revives fallen soldiers. Mechanic is great for repairing vehicles and turrets. Then my favorite Sniper, he is just great for long range. Light assault units can fly for a short moments causing unexpected attacks and flanking and for more straight fight there is heavy assault, who are capable destroying tanks and flying units. The strongest “terminator” unit controls two weapons and is really hard to kill but unlocking it takes some them.

The tanks, air units are available for everyone but you can get them only on special places and they cost some special material. The material is gained after some time according the conquered area and bases under the faction control.

Combining all these things gives you result of fantastic virtual fight. Air combat, battlefields filled with tanks and hundreds of soldiers, it’s really a chaos and confusing moments but after some time you get used to it enjoying every second of it.

Do you wish better weapons or skills? Pay!
Now, we are getting to the dark side of Planetside 2. It’s called credits and you use them to buy better weapons, perks and skills for very profession, for example longer invisibility, stronger shield, more grenades, etc. The credits can be gained through the fight but I will give you an example. If you want to buy some really cool looking and useful new sniper rifle you have to give 1000 credits. This number is gained after about 60 hours of pure gameplay. That’s ridiculous! The visual and skins of weapons don’t differ too much as well. This is really Pay2Win style. Some players who really pay a lot can be quite hard to kill.

Ok, you may get to all the stuff as well, but it will take huge amount of time.

Visual orgies
This graphics is for a MMO game brilliant. Most of the building and items on the map are really detailed and thanks the three different environments various. Sometimes, I just took four-wheeler and travelled round the countryside. By the way, the driving is hardcore arcade. Nice graphics and hundreds of players is some tough work for your hardware. Really look down the article and check the hardware requirements.

Giving some specific score the Planetside 2 is uneasy work. There are many superlatives, for example the open world, soldier dreamed world, many possibilities but there is one BUT. It’s expansive to shop here and paying soldiers have many advantages. If you belong to the group who don’t care how much they pay and you just play because it’s free, add some pore points to the final score. The opposite group, just take off some points, you may feel being cheated for you money.

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