World of Tanks

World of Tanks

World of Tanks, we haven’t tried this MMO legend for a long time but when we downloaded and installed it we spent a lot of long nights playing.
You may ask why it took us so long to write about this hit. We thought it would be great idea to wait after playing the first versions (it wasn’t perfect) some time. There was a big unbalance among tanks and paying players got huge advantage. So after several changes we came back to WoT and…. WOW.

WWII unchained
World of Tanks is pure action and shooter fun during the WWII period. It’s not only about tanks, you can try different classes of armored guns as Tank Destroyers or SPG (Self-propelled gun) under the flag of several world powers – Germany, the Great Britain, the USA, France, Russia and more are coming soon. They are all available and you can just try them but it takes time.

What are you going to shoot from?
At first, you get under control total crap, tanks Ties 1, this is really the worst. But don’t lose all the hope. It’s more about learning the basics and most of the players on the battlefield have the same tanks. So there are 4 basic tanks in the garage (USA,GB, Russia and Germany).

After the first battles you may be get the idea what possibilities you get. After every fight there are money and experience given, both things are very valuable and the amount received is according the battle stats and achievements you get. The experience is used for unlocking new tanks components and new tiers (after you get all the components of the tier before) in the tech tree. It’s good taking your time, reading all about the tanks and deciding what style of game you prefer. The classes are really separated into the main big three (SPG, Tanks and Tanks Destroyers). All have some strengths and weaknesses and you have to learn them all.

The garage contains several slots for the tanks, to make some free you can sell a tank. You get crew members, possibility to repair damaged vehicle and buying ammo. The experienced crew can make miracles on the battlefield with higher speed, faster gun loading, better shooting and more. You can invest into their training or, the longer method, is playing a lot and so they receive experience as well. Those who wish to open their wallets can get more garage slots but I was very satisfied with what I got.

Let’s go fight
After the preparation you will get on the battlefields and so fighting content gets into play. Where and against who you will appear can be done automatically or you can set up the map, players or guilds in the custom battle.

The Battle modes are various. Assult – one side attacks and the other defends the base. Defence – is the same but you defend and the third is only about attack when both sides try to reach only one base. It’s not a big surprise when the game finishes with not enemy tanks on the battlefield.

The battle itself is what I call pure and nice action. Begin in your base or on a beginning spot with two tasks, surviving and destroying tanks. In the newbie pants there is not much room for strategy, just go, shoot, hide, but as your experience grows and your learn the maps, tricks and advantages of the tanks you will be able to stay alive much longer. For example the SPG has a very special role, its range is huge and they can even shoot over a hill hitting anything that’s not hidden behind a rock or building. However, using all the possibilities perfectly is about playing and training.

The control is just simplicity itself and very intuitive, use the arrow keys for movement and mouse control the turret and shooting. For orders and interface tricks there are few special keys.

The top in WoT are genial maps and battlefields. They can take you into cities, open fields or combine both of the places together into small villages with forests around or harbors with some hills behind. The mix is great and with more than 20 maps you really get huge variety and almost every time you fill the originality. Every map so offers different tactics, good and bad spots and exploring or finding them is again about playing and having fun.

World of Tanks is definitely must play game for action and F2P gamers. Yes, some things can be only bought for real money but there is no big unbalance with them. You always get into battles with a bit stronger ad weaker players. If you find the magic of tactics and being an experienced player you will spend months with WoT and absolutely fantastic gameplay.

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