World of Warplanes

World of Warplanes

Sit and grab a control stick in tens of airplanes and become the aces having many shot downs in your era. Get fighting in the air and on the ground. All is possible in World of Warplanes. Have a look at this game in this review!
About one year ago planes joined the tank warfare in World of Tanks. They are one stand-alone online game and the follow the style of tanks in gaining experience offering very similar game feeling. But this time you won’t stay on the ground, fly into the air and clouds. Tank towers are past, now you are in a cockpit. Is it pleasant change or will we stay rather on the ground next time?

You can see that the authors of World of Planes won’t change anything that works really well. If you have already played the legendary tanks, you will feel like home. Even the menu style is completely same. You have your own garage where you put the machines of the war and where you upgrade them but this time it’s all about planes. The good old nations are here as well and you will be able to unlock various planes in different technological trees, if you have enough experience. So you can get American, Russian, British, Japanese or German planes. They are put into three groups, the first are dogfighters, heavy fighters and bombers. It’s no surprise they have different roles and characteristics. The dogfighters are small, fast, easy to handle but won’t last too much of fire. Heavy fighters have great firepower and they can even install some bombs to crush the defense a bit but they are not so easy to control. They are something like a middle class between the two. It’s up to you what style your prefer and to what research you will concentrate on.

The battles are always about two groups of fifteen planes. The victory is given to the group which has shot down all the enemies or are able to bomb out the base they are attacking. Every shot won, bombed target is rewarded by experience and money which can be used in improving older planes or buying new ones. The fun is ensured.

The authors from Wargaming know very well what they are doing. Why changing something that works almost perfectly. World of Warplanes stands somewhere between an arcade and a simulation. It’s not so difficult to get bored by the game but not so simple to shoot down anyone in your way. It’s a question why the authors haven’t combined the tanks and planes together as the competition called War Thunder, on the other hand, no harm done. The planes deserver their own game. The audio and graphics are really great so the only thing I missed was some bigger number of maps or planes.

Don’t miss World of Warplanes, hours of fun are almost guaranteed.



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World of Warplanes World of Warplanes World of Warplanes World of Warplanes World of Warplanes World of Warplanes

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