Blades of Excalibur

Blades of Excalibur

King Arthur legend but in a bit different style? Why not, they say you have to try everything. But will this Hack’n’slash brawl work in this format?
Blades of Excalibur is some kind of modern RPG classic. Mythological and Middle Ages style turned into fighting game may sound a bit crazy but the result may appeal to many players. It all begins at choosing the character you want to play. There are three classes but let’s say that the mage is mage and the rest is just fighter and brawl, they are just too similar.

Then your journey begins and you will soon find out it’s mostly just visiting NPC, fighting and having only few RPG elements. The main story line follows some mythology background and you do meet the famous names like Merlin but most of the time you just go to certain area where you have to hit, destroy and kill everything. These NPC don’t play any big or too important role so the whole fun is in grinding gameplay.

As in many other similar games you have to mage or just hack armies of enemies. I played only as a sorcerer or wizard if you wish but the whole concept felt just too easy. She was able to beat most of the basic living things only using the basic attack and spells were only a glaze. They may be important if you belong among the players who run for perfect score as it is part of the results and rewards but it acts small importance. The grind gameplay concentrates to money earning and not loot or items generally. Repeating fights, even in challenges and buffed enemies, has only a fracture chance to get a new item but there is still a meaning the activity.

The game makes the player to forget collecting hundreds items and equipment pieces. The trick is in improving old or very rarely new things you find. Each upgrade costs more and more and there are even special stones buffing the socketed things. The only question is – is it fun?

Yes, it’s entertaining but you have to play according the rules of Blades of Excalibur. You will join big battles with other players, enjoy special events and challenges and some fights really test you skills combat strength and even can be pretty tough nut to crack.

Let’s finish with the technical things. The game runs on an older engine as many others from the big gaming competition but on the other hand – no bugs folks. The graphics is ok and audio not bad but still turned off. And the controls are above average for Hack’n’slash.

Good game is here but don’t wish any RPG heaven and items collecting. If you want these you may be pretty disappointed.



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Rinai | 30.01.15 pm31 12:25

This is one of the most boring MMO RPGs ever.


Blades of Excalibur Blades of Excalibur Blades of Excalibur Blades of Excalibur Blades of Excalibur

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